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Computer Repair Services

Desktop and Laptop Repair

Power jack, keyboard, display screen and more for Macbook & PC!

Data Recovery and Back-Up To Secure Data

Never assume your valuable data can’t be recovered. Whether it’s a natural disaster or human error, we’ll recover your data quickly.

High Speed DSL and Cable Modem Setup

Setup internet access to multiple computers in one location, resolve equipment connectivity issues.

Software Training

Contact us to find out what software we specialize in.

Technology Consulting

Rapid, high-value assessments performed to identify opportunities for lowering expenses and improving computer systems and business processes.

Troubleshooting & Repair

We make it easy by coming to your location to help you resolve a variety of problems and issues you may be having with your PC.

Virus, Worm and Spyware Removal

Provide software and hardware solutions to remove and combat continuous attempts by unknown internet predators.

Wireless Networking

Setup of internet access through a single wireless router enabling the sharing of printers, files and other multi-user applications without having to run any cables or wires.

And many more, including:

  • Network Security
  • System Upgrades
  • Internet Assistance
  • Screen Replacements
  • Custom Computer Building
  • Parental Control and Safety
  • Forgotten Password Retrieval
  • Hardware Installation and Support
  • Virus Detection / Spy-ware Removal
  • Wireless and Home Network Installation

For any other issues you may have, please contact our IT technician for more information.

TV Mounting Services

  • Flat Screen TV Mounting & TV Installation with wires hidden in a wire track molding
  • Flat Screen TV Mounting & TV installation with wires Concealed in the Wall for a clean look
  • On Wall TV Installation with wall mounted shelves
  • Wire Free TV Mounting on any wall
  • Install and connect your Flat Screen TV on a Stand
  • Over the Fireplace TV Installation with wires hidden in a wire track molding
  • Over the Fireplace TV Installation with all wires hidden in the wall for a clean look
  • Home Theater Installation
  • TV Dismounting Service

Wall Mounting Options

There are many types of TV mounts: Interactive, Full Motion, Tilt, Fixed wall mounts, etc. Whether you’re looking for versatility, functionality, affordability or all of the above, pick the solution that’s best for you!

  • Interactive: Interactive mounts take interactivity with your TV to the next level, offering full motion functionality with an added dimension – light-touch height adjustment. Sit. Stand. Stretch. Play – all at the perfect angle.
  • Full Motion: Full Motion mounts are extremely flexible mounts, allowing you to pull your TV away from the wall and tilt, pan or swivel so it’s view-able from multiple angles, locations or rooms.
  • Tilt: Tilt mounts are most suitable when you need to mount your TV higher on the wall. The tilt functionality allows you to tilt your TV down to avoid screen glare or achieve a better viewing angle.
  • Fixed: Fixed mounts are the simplest way to mount your TV on the wall when you have a dedicated viewing area and your eyes are level with the middle or bottom of your TV when seated.
  • AV Wall Shelves: AV Wall Shelves allow you to neatly organize components right under your TV without the need to run cables through your wall.

Need a computer?

Mark Computer Repair has a full selection of used laptops and Macbooks that have been tested and maintained so that they remain working like new!

Apple Macbook HP
Toshiba Asus
Dell Acer
Lenovo And many more!

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